Garden of Silence




The band was formed in 1991 upon the ashes of Cemetery and lived until 1994.

Garden of Silence's music was clearly influenced by epic traditional Doom, mixed with Death/Thrash metal. This duality was portrayed by Ridwan's vocals, alternating between clear singing voice and harsh vocals.

The band has released a 4-songs demo in '92 and a 7" EP in '93 on French label Inner Rage records.

During his short life, Garden of Silence made 3 live appearances: 2 in Paris and 1 in Belgium.

Before putting and end to his story, in ’94 the band changed his name for Scapegoat and recorded a 4-tracks demo.

After the band's split, Jerome and Franck went on with Astral Rising and recorded an full-length album called “In Quest” on now defunct label Active records, owned by Massacra’s guitarist Jean-Marc Tristani.

After Astral Rising's demise, Jerome and Franck reunited with Ridwan and Stephane and gave birth to a new act called Weld.

In the mean time, Stephane and Ridwan had joined Drowning, with Ridwan leaving the band after the recording of their 2nd album.

Nicolas has pursued his career in the music business as a freelance composer involved in music creation for various projects such as videogames, multimedia, short-film, etc.

In late 90’s, Franck moved completely toward new musical horizons and he’s now the lead singer in an electro-dub act called Dub Wiser.

In 2004 Stephane and Jerome started a doom metal project called Horrors Of The Black Museum, with two former Space Patrol members. After 1 year, they decided to leave the band and start a new Doom/Sludge band called Eibon with Stephane's band mate Georges, guitarist from Drowning on vocals and long-time friend Max on the guitars.

Eibon has released a split-CD with Hangman's Chair on Bones Brigade records in 2007 and played half-dozen gigs in France.

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